Today marks the beginning of lent for us catholics. Today, accept ash’s as a remember to change what we are, what we do, and how we choose do things. By tradition, people always talk about giving things up for Lent or choose do something over Lent that we normally dont do. So often, people stick to their Lent promises like a New Years resolution!.. HA! Similar to the New Years thing, people seem to forget what those special committments mean. A New Year means exactly that,  a New Year to start off fresh with something new, change what we are, and how we choose to do it. Just for those that cant keep those committments more than 45 days, here comes LENT to ask to do the same thing.

 What I believe people should consider connecting to, is the chance to change and burn away the past in order to have a better future. Today, when the priest presses the ASH on my forehead, I am going to burn away the past, and look forward to a change for the future. The past can hurt, but still is the past!


Winning for Losing?

January 28, 2008

In all things in life, we can win for losing. What goes up will come down, and with all good there is a bad as well. Without these cause and effects, we have no balance in the world. Addicts become worse because they want one thing over another, don’t we all in same way, shape or form. What I guess makes it all worth getting up in the morning is the notion that a bad day yesterdays means a better day ahead. While having a good day yesterday doesnt always mean a bad day unless we choose to bring it upon ourselves.

Yes, fate and choices help us determine our day. Consider for a moment while was the last time something bad happened to you, that just should not have happened? Rock falling from the sky? Being shot while alone on a island? If you think about about things going wrong, there seems to always have a link back to something we thought, we did, or something we influence.

We do control the pains for the most part, the happiness in life is when we realize that we cause more than we should, and have the sense next time, to refrain.

That, is winning for losing!

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 Where have the all rich FOLK gone? There was a time where American rich men like Rockafeller, Mellom, Getty, could write a check to bail the U.S Goverment. Do they all die off? What happened to the Rich American man? Thing of the past? Or has a our culture shun them so much forcing them to hide behind off shore accounts and private islands in Canada?

Hard to say, but the challenge here is will them come back? Gates, Walton, Bush, and others, your country needs you! Here is a real ulgy cycle on why we need them back.

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 With the price of OIL barrels toping 100 dollars, that money is making its way to foreign investment pools. This past week, 20 billion plus dollars found its way into American companies CITIGROUP and other wall street players because of the bad American policy of SUB prime lending and lack of solid executive leadership is this corrupt system. With these American companies going broke, who else stepped in other than the same countries than made a ton off the American workforce on OIL, now returns the favor by buying up more controlling interests in more American assets.

 That cycle only now is being seen a bailout to a source of people that also made a ton of money on the backend of sub-prime lending. The top banks loan the small mortgage houses credit, and get paid off quickly while the mortgage people have to hold the paper or sell. The clearing houses then have to broker out the bad paper. What a cycle.

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Yes, it is like a FISH jumping TANKS…

 Mr. Gates, Bush, and other rich Americans… your country needs your check book like the fore-fathers before you!

Seeking is believing

January 15, 2008

Imagine working in a cube where you can chance shapes and size, because.. well.. you want  to. Having the ability to chat with someone with common interest while still maintaining a productive work life. Dreaming? Hardly…. virtual worlds start bridging creativity from a “testing” space, before the virtual concept moves into the real world. Which seems more real? An idea that came from a dream, created, built, tested, and proven or following the same model with real expense, and being challenged with the real world boundries of creation?

 When you can see idea in your head, and develop this concept inside of world that gives you unlimited space for creation, does your dream ever end?

With virtual worlds, the dream stays alive!… Seeking your idea never go away…that is worth believing!

The Human Body - in Infra-RED -I, like most people read up the virtual content and blogs. By reading the Wired articles or the German press, I would guess that Second Life and other virtual worlds are a sess pool or hate, sex pervs, and stolen ideas, and some pure DOT.COM failures all rolled up in a make believe character that flies around without a cape and a “S” on their chest.

 First so, the decription above looks like more like a Oliver Stone movie than a technology platform. Second Life, like similar SIMs like World of War Craft, SIM City 2000, and the SIMS create a open space for people to create something that has a chance to make the  normal real world “negativity” that surrounds the create side of society. So many ideas people have get shot down because of “negative” influences in life. Yet, SL and other now have the “Platform” to give people freedom “away from the Patriot ACT” to be what they want to be, how they want to be, and more, where they want to be it.

Personally, the goverment and the ACLU, and cable News has taken away the personal side of creativity, sense of adventure, and some general positive thinking time, in exchange for their agenda and the “stay the course” concepts.

 Back in the DAY ( for those of you old enough), freedom rang loud in the 1960’s  because people wanted to express, have a sense of freedom, and life became the now generation.

 Thanks to Linden, we are back to now!

what does it mean when the sun rises? Is this a beginng of a moment? A moment that passed or a moment that hasnt stopped. Sometimes, when the sun comes up we realize that each day we live is worth every drop because of the warm and peace it brings. It is only during the long days that make the sun go down and become cold. This is the time that we need love, understanding, and feeling to get us through the night in order to see the next sun.
How do we make it through the cold? We surround ourselves with warmth. Knowing someone that is filled with warmth is not only a blessing, but also a gift   Is every warmth the same? I believe that each warmth serves as purpose. Children provide the greatest warmth, friends also provide a sense of warmth.
If you only become so blessed to have a dear friend that is warm, loving, and has a heart of gold can you only say that you have been blessed beyond measure, you have found a common soul in the world of cold, and you need to appreciate beyond words for each day that person is in your life.
thank you for being that sun..

Today, in the Internet world, we simple people are represented by zero’s and ones, html, IM handles, and email addressed. Do we know the other person or is the Internet created so much many false fronts, that we are not sure anyone who is on the other side of a conversation.

 Second life, may on to something with the whole Avatar thing. If a Avatar is a representation of ones self in the Internet, why could we not attach a digitial signature, certify through the authenication process, and include under the same Avatar, your IM, email, employee information, and other forms of ID.
So, when some wants information, you can exchange Avatars, instead of business cards!

So often, people only consider success in life that is measured my dollars only. In the case of the recent IBM commerical, the ability to make real money in the virtual world seem to be more important than  brand placement, technology modeling, and virtual focus group marketing.

 Second life today, for people that understand the VW, is about taking something that is too costly in the RL(Real World) and expanding the idea virtually first, not the other way around. The internet started at the Brick and Mortar moving towards Cyber, where Second life is taking ideals first to Virtual world then to real world, and doing this  more effectively by taking concepts to intelligent global users first, then bringing that result to the real world.

 So, in a sense, Second life, should be First!

Hello world!

December 20, 2007

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